Australian team selection trials

Post date: Mar 4, 2015 8:49:21 AM

A full report on the Australian team selection trials by Lou Hutton:

Seven teams converged on Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron's perfect team racing harbour over the weekend of 14-15 February, to compete in the Selection Series for the World Team Racing Championship. The Worlds are to be held at Rutland, UK in July this year.

Five of the teams came from Tasmania, representing the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (two teams), The Friends School (two teams), and The Hutchins School (one team). Victoria was represented by a team from Sorrento, and a team from Queensland rounded out the draw.

Two full days of close racing were enjoyed by the competitors, with some challenging breeze (or lack thereof) on both days. The round robin competition gave way to several mini-series on Sunday to determine leaders in each of the groups. The two RYCT teams came out on top for the Open division, while Friends Blue and Hutchins had some exciting racing to decide the Under 19 rankings.

The Austrailan Yachting Federation has now confirmed the endorsement of two open teams from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania to compete in the World Championship comprising:

AUS 1: Rod Chamberlain; George Jones; Elliott Noye; Ella Connor; Sophie Chesterman: Jess Chase

AUS 2: Rohan Langford; Zac Pullen; Ed Hargreaves; Jasmine Galbraith; Alice Buchanan; Max Gluskie

The selected U19 team from the Hutchins School:

Oliver Burnell; Charles Connor; Sam Abel; Issi Declerk; William Cooper; Nicholas Smart

has regrettably decided that they will be unable to compete.

A big thank you to all the race committee members, umpires, and shore volunteers who helped out on the weekend, from RMYS and also from other clubs. A special thank you to John Middleton for coordinating everything on the water, and to Yachting Victoria and Bill Bell for supplying RIBs for the umpires.