Dates – 19-24 th July 2015

    o   Opening ceremony: evening of the 19th July 2015

    o   Medal ceremony: evening of the 24th July 2015

Venue – Rutland Sailing Club – Midlands England, GBR

Boats – Fireflies

    o   Highly manoeuvrable

    o   Fantastic boats to tack and gybe and are simple to sail (many people                    comment that they feel like a Laser to sail but with a deeper cockpit and a             crew!).

    o   All up crew weight is ideally between 110kg to 160 kg in fleet racing

    o   We are happy to share ALL our Firefly racing tips and techniques -and                this comes from past national Champions – helms and crews.

Teams competing in Fireflies at the British Schools Team Racing Championships 2014.

Entry Categories

Full details are in the Notice of Race. In summary:

o   ISAF Open Championship

o   ISAF Youth Championship (under 19 on 31st December 2015)

o   There will also be a Sponsor Award for the Best Placed Start Up             Nation

o   The format will allow combined racing across the divisions; so a               youth team could also win the Open division

o   Teams to be required to have at least one female member – most           UK teams have more and a female helm has won the Open                     Competition before (NZ team)


o   Extensive support to Start Up Nations


o   Number of different accommodation and food packages to suit all           budgets

o   A variety of budget accommodation options including camping next         to the club in loaned tents

o   Low cost accommodation available at Oakham School at £35 per            person per night

o   Fantastic local hotels and restaurants for those not operating on a           tight budget


o   Entry fee £1200 

o   Damage deposit of £500


o   rutlandteamracing@gmail.com

o   The event website. The event is, of course, also on the ISAF                    website

o   Please send the best contact details for clubs, classes and                       individuals that would like to be kept informed

o   Please send additional details for good contacts in your country and       in other countries

o   To quote Alfredo Ricci – Chairman of the ISAF Team Racing Sub-           committee: ‘We want to know who is the ‘Team Racing                             Ambassador’ in your country’

o    By keeping in touch with us directly, we can ensure you are aware         of any new information as quickly as possible

o   Important announcements will share all appropriate media options


Organising Committee – their background and motivation

All of the Organising Committee have enjoyed team racing and are passionate about the benefits and pure enjoyment of the sport. All have gained a huge amount from the sport and are excited about being able to give something back.


What to do now

o   Express interest to us by email

o   Request support now- depending on your needs

o   Contact your MNA to register your interest

o   Plan selection and training activities





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